Donate your gently used shoes!


Thank you for all the shoes we have been
able to send to those in need!
In 2016, over 500 pounds of shoes were donated!

shoe For several years, runners and spectators have been encouraged to donate their used running shoes. In 2016, multiple groups visited the Mission in Guatemala nonprofit organization once again to deliver shoes to those in need. This year, we’d like to donate more shoes than ever before!

A local team delivers each pair to families and individuals in countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, South Africa and more.

Bring your gently used shoes (children’s shoes especially needed!) to Laufenfest and leave them in our drop-off location near the stage. You will be given a raffle ticket for each pair. After the race we will draw one ticket. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Haub House, one of the many sponsors helping support our race.

If you or or kids have used (but still in good condition) running shoes sitting at home in the closet or attic, consider how your shoes will make a difference to those who wouldn’t otherwise have a pair. Please consider donating to this great cause at Laufenfest 2017!

Special thanks to Photos by Rhonda Kay for photography.